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  1. pennington99 says:

    Green Building Workshop 6
    Green Operations for Retail, Restaurants, and Small Offices
    Wednesday, October 26, 2011 7:30 a.m – 9:30 a.m.
    The Lyceum, 201 South Washington St. Alexandria, Virginia 22314

    This City of Alexandria in partnership with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association, and the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership invites business owners and other interested members of the public to attend the Green Operations for Retail, Restaurants, and Small Offices workshop. This workshop will provide local businesses with the basics on how to save operating costs, increase comfort for employees and customers, and gain an eco-friendly marketing advantage, while lowering energy and water bills, reducing waste, and creating healthier indoor environments. The featured presenter is Jerry Lawson, National Manager, ENERGY STAR Small Business & Congregations Network, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as well as local businesses that have adopted green practices. Participants are encouraged to RSVP by email to

    AIA is offering 2 AIA/CES HSW/SD learning units for architects attending this workshop
    Businesses will also have an opportunity to sign up to receive a free energy audit by Green Impact Campaign

    Visit the Green Building Resource Center to learn more about green building efforts in the City.

    STREET PARKING IS AVAILABLE An Eco-City Alexandria Initiative

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