The EPC for 2011 – 2012

As the EPC moves into the Fall of 2011, the Commission is working on a work plan for the next twelve months.

The thrust of the effort will be directed at what we call the 97%. The City’s inventory of CO2 showed that 3% of GHG comes from City Government and so the other 97% comes from the rest of the city. Buildings and traffic are the main contributors. Much of the traffic is beyond the City’s control but buildings, existing and new are approachable. Not that the City can use economic levers. Virginia is a Dillon’s Rule State – most power (97%?) remains in Richmond. So it has to be persuasion.

But only 10% of the US population can be considered alarmed by the the thought of climate change. 10%, of course, don’t believe in it at all so that leaves the 80% in between who are aware but have a wide range of concern, and desire for action, to do something about.

There is a growing body of evidence that says that whereas a hunter gatherer might be concerned about the chance of a lion attack while picking berries, the average human is just not wired up to worry about the potential risks of fire bearing in mind that it is still 40 years away from being invented. So it is with climate change.

Therefore, softly softly catchee monkee. We will be working on the Green Business initiative to show the benefits of saving energy. We shall be promoting, and getting City Council to verily flaunt, the eco-City logo (see top of blog) to make citizens aware of the concept and even be proud to live in Ec-City Alexandria.

We will be working on a project to produce a new grove of carbon chomping trees.

Meanwhile we will be ‘discretely’ (me? discrete?) checking on ongoing City operations the check that they keep within the mantra of the Environmental Action Plan.

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