Descruffilization of Alexandria

There are times when the city can look right scruffy. Litter is the issue. Litter dropped in ignorance by those who do know better or litter blown from open recycling bins on the day of curbside collection.

Let’s all make a resolution to pick up litter as we see it and put it in the nearest bin and to spur our neighbourhood associations into a routine cleanup from time to time.

Apart from blighting the look of a city that depends on tourism for its income, litter is also a curse once it gets into the storm water system, and then the river and then the Bay.

Pick it up!



About pennington99

Member of the Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission and the Waterfront Committee
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One Response to Descruffilization of Alexandria

  1. Keeping our city beautiful is a responsibility we all share. Business owners can help by making sure that there are adequate waste receptacles on the sidewalks in front of their storefronts.

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