E-mail vs. Snail Mail

I’ve always thought I was born 150 years too late. One of the services that I really love is the US Postal Service. In an age with more mediums of communication than I can master, much less be cognizant of, I really appreciate receiving something tangible and significant in the mail. Texting is convenient, but it’s almost too convenient. How do you know that someone really cares about you when you get a text when it takes practically no investment of any sort? Letters take time.

However, my romantic view of letters does not extend toward bills, advertisements, and the like. Whenever I have the option to receive a mailing something electronically, I opt for that. This weekend I downloaded my W-2 form and submitted my taxes electronically and chose to receive my health care materials via e-mail this year.

It’s easy, it’s reduces solid waste and lessens your carbon footprint, and it increases the odds that my mailbox will actually have something to get really excited about.

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