Climate Change Rally

Forty years ago, America faced a huge environmental crisis. Our rivers were catching on fire. Our air was thick with smoke and smog. Pesticides were driving birds to extinction. Freeways were being plowed through vibrant urban neighborhoods.

On the first Earth Day, twenty million people demanded change. The environment became a voting issue in the 1970 elections. The nation is vastly healthier and more prosperous for it.

Today, our world faces an unprecedented crisis. After more than 30 years of careful scientific study of the world’s climate, the results are clear. We are cooking the planet.

On Sunday, April 25 on the National Mall for The Climate Rally and demand a smart, fair, comprehensive, effective climate solution.

Congress didn’t act in 1970 until after we had defeated seven of the first Dirty Dozen incumbents that fall. The Senate won’t act now until they can see how serious we are. Let’s show them.

Politicians who refuse to recognize the greatest threat facing the planet need to lose their jobs. We must show them that climate is a voting issue.

On Sunday, April 25th, there will be a massive Climate Rally on the National Mall to demand change.

The road ahead is not an easy one. The coal and oil industries are rich, powerful, and ruthless. But the consequences of failure are unthinkable.

Join the rally in Washington, DC on April 25th!

About pennington99

Member of the Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission and the Waterfront Committee
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One Response to Climate Change Rally

  1. Nicola Ross says:

    This Canuck plans to be there.

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