The future is here

I saw the future this week. I went to a Tesla showroom while I was in Boulder. This is an all-electric vehicle and it is in the showrooms. We were told that at that moment there were 59 Teslas in private ownership in Colorado.

Yes, with all the trimmings, they are expensive with a final price approaching $140,000 for a very sporty 2 seater with no room for a baby seat. But the range of electric cars is growing and the cities with charging points, plus the Truck Stop power supply network (promoted by the EPA to reduce the need for trucks to idle while in Truck stops) all go to say that electric cars are here and going to increase with numbers. And the 7 seat Model S Tesla is on its way with a basic price of $50,000. (Range 300 miles per charge, 45 minute quick charge, 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds). Charging points are being installed in hotels as well. Current charging rates are: 240 volts give a rate of about 30 miles per hour of charge, 115 volts 15 miles per hour.

So, Alexandria, it might be time to start planning a network of charging points for visitors. We are proud to be cutting edge, aren’t we?

As we left, another Tesla was being wheeled out of the show room. 60 Teslas in Colorado now.


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