Adopt-A-Block, Part Quatre

Earlier today, five members of the EPC (plus one noble husband), went to clean our block, King Street (VA Route 7) between N. Quaker Lane and I-395.

Phenomenological Study Confirms Adopting a Block is Way Easier Than Adopting a Kid

Although the temperature was in the mid-30’s, we were fortunate that Jupiter cleared the sky of snow to make way for the triumphant return of Sol Invictus today. In other words, it was a beautiful day.

We arrived between 9:00 and 9:30 and were issued a pair of gloves,  one high visibility vest, and one trash grabber and went to work collecting trash along King Street until 10:40. Your faithful correspondent was disappointed (but hardly surprised) to find so many cigarette butts littering our grand streets and forgotten political campaign signs. I also found a quart of motor oil, a hubcap, and some miscellaneous car parts. Although no trash is good, I was surprised by how clean our block was. For the amount of distance I covered, I did not find a significant amount of trash. Moreover, most of the trash was concentrated near the exit and entrance of the highway, which was to be expected.

Today’s clean-up was the last of the year. I was hoping to snap a picture for our blog, but I failed to verify that my camera’s battery was charged. Naturally, Murphy’s Law kicked in, so I have no pictures for your amusement. But if you don’t believe me, check out our block and see just how clean it is for yourself.

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