Time for a hotdog – eat Fido

The concept of carrying capacity is well known. It is said, and don’t ask me to prove it, that a hectare of land produces approximately 135 gigajoules of energy a year.
Well, if you look at the amount of energy needed to produce Fido’s daily food (90 gms of meat and 156 gms of cereal dry or 450 gms meat and 260 gms cereal pre dried)) this equates to 0.84 hectares of land.
So, in terms we can all understand;
Fido, a medium sized dog has an eco foot print of just over twice that of an SUV which comes in at 0.41 hectares.

Butch, that huge mundungus mongrel up the road is approaching 3 SUVs and next door’s moggy that pees all over your plants is a VW Golf.

Alexandria has 17 dog parks. Time to plough them up and turn them into parking lots, sorry, I mean communal vegetable gardens.

Data taken from News Scientist


About pennington99

Member of the Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission and the Waterfront Committee
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