Interesting times in Beauregard

BRAC 133 moves ahead. This is the scheme to move 6800 people employed in the DOD Washington Headquarters Services into one new building at the Mark Center. The good news is that the building is being constructed to a LEEDs Gold standard from day one. Federal buildings are only required to meet LEEDs silver. Alexandria is also receiving $400,000 as mitigation for disturbance to the storm water system. The money will be spent on Holmes Run.

The down side will be the increase in traffic. The City is planning to add extra lanes to the Seminary/Beauregard turning. How effective this will be is a matter of conjecture. Meanwhile VDOT, the body who dealt so sympathetically (ignored) the City’s requests concerning low cost housing close to the Wilson Bridge are now planning an exit off I-395 into the Mark Center.

The most obvious route has been lost to the need to build a Churchillian type bunker where incoming trucks will be searched for explosives (those IEDs of ill repute). So VDOT has come up with 7 alternative ideas. One of them (the simplest?) is to build a ramp off I-395 and pass through the Winkler Nature Reserve. I wonder where that appears on the LEEDs assessment?

There will be three public hearings about this issue, the first being this Saturday, 21st November in City Hall. If you think there is something just that bit wrong about even considering a nature reserve then now is the time to speak.

The EPC is most definitely agin it.

About pennington99

Member of the Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission and the Waterfront Committee
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