Bike DC 2009

Bikers of the World, Unite!

Bikers of the World, Unite!

Unfortunately Bike DC 2009 will not pass through Alexandria, it terminates in our next door neighbor, Arlington. Notwithstanding this oversight, it’s still something that Alexandrians may like.

How many of you have lived in the shadow of our glorious capital, but have not actually spent a lot of time there, much less taken the time to really appreciate the juxtapositions between Greco-Roman architectural befitting of a virtuous republic, stately embassies (the British Embassy is built to resemble a country house, Bahrain’s looks like something out of 1001 Arabian Nights, while Brazil’s is an ultramodern house of glass), heroic monuments honoring our nation’s men and women in uniform, and mourning memorials to those who have died to defend our republic? On Saturday, October 17 you will be able to actually to do these comparisons (or just ride – whichever you prefer) while you pass by the Capitol, the Supreme Court, the White House, Embassy Row, the Pentagon, the Marine Corps and Air Force memorials. Moreover, you can appreciate all of these wonderful sights by bicycle on car-free streets. I know I’ve always wanted to ride an highway like US 110. You might even go faster on it than when/if you drive on during rush hour.

Bike DC 2009 is sponsoring two route: the 25-mile Capital Route and the 12-mile Family Route (as an added bonus, kids 15 and under may participate free of charge).

Registration for the Capital Ride is just $35 ($45 on the day of the race) and $25 ($35 on the day of the race) for the Family Ride. Scroll down to see the routes!

Capital RouteCapital Route

Family Route

Kids under 15 ride free!

Kids under 15 ride free!

Hopefully next year they’ll extend the route into Alexandria.

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