Alexandria 2.0

Have you friended Alexandria yet?

If you’re like most Alexandrian’s you probably haven’t. Your prolific correspondent has one-third of the friends the City does and I don’t give away free stuff (to be fair however, I’ve been on Facebook longer and I haven’t raised anyone’s taxes). However, not only will the City never defriend you (I know how shocking and traumatic that can be), their Facebook profile has a lot of information right in front of you. It’s great to visit if you want a quick overview of what the City is doing that week. (Un)fortunately no one has published any photos of any of our esteemed Council members guzzling a beer bong – yet.

For better or worse, the City is also on Twitter. Although Twitter cannot give much more than a headline, it is high-speed and low-drag, making it a good resource to check from a mobile device because it doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth.

Both sites are easy all you have to remember is or Personally, I like the former more because you can see the comments that users make. I’ve noticed that many of the comments are substantive (Tamer Toprakci made an interesting comment regarding tree maintenance), inspirational (kudos to Anne-Margaret Olsson for participating in Car-Free Day), and generally thoughtful (even if the commenter disagrees); the last point gives me some hope for the Internet.

So while you’re online, check out with the City is up to. It just might affect you.

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