Alexandria’s Plastic Bag Initiative

Members from the Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission and City staff will be attending the Arts on the Avenue festival on Mt. Vernon Avenue on October 3 from 10 AM – 6 PM to promote innovative Alexandria’s Plastic Bag Initiative.

Succintly put, the program envisions disposable bag free Alexandria and it aims to achieve this admittedly ambitious goal through a variety of measures, namely education and a bag exchange campaign. Bring your excess plastic bags to Arts on the Avenue and trade them in for a free reusable tote bag!

But this campaign is more than a one-time free-bag extravaganza; it’s a concerted effort to not only recycle goods, but to reuse and ultimately reduce our dependence upon fleeting but neverending “need” for disposable plastic bags. For example, put your soon-to-be-acquired free tote bag in your car (or even better, next to your bike) so you can decline plastic (or paper) bags when you go shopping. If you purchase more groceries than your tote bag can hold, buy another or reuse your plastic bag(s) as trash can liners, lunch bags, or as pooper-scoopers when you’re walking your dog. Alternatively, some retailers like Whole Foods (1700 Duke Street), MOM’s (3831 Mt. Vernon Avenue), or any one of the six Giant locations within Alexandria will give you a discount between $0.05 to $0.15 per reused bag.

For more information about the recycling, reuse, and reduction of plastic bags, go to

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