Outreach Wrap-Up

Today the members of the Outreach Sub-Committee convened in City Hall to discuss the EPC’s Outreach strategy and way-ahead. I was very pleased with the meeting, not only because everyone was was crisp and to the point, but also because we generated a lot of good ideas. Since these are only rough ideas, I’ll refrain from discussing them at length, but I’ll list a few here for our loyal readers.

1) Organize volunteer projects (quarterly or monthly?) for members of the community to introduce them to the Environmental Action Plan and draw explicit links between their input and the implementation of the aforementioned plan. One member brought up the idea of using GIS technology to visually promote friendly neighborhood competition to see which area of the city can achieve the greatest reduction in a particular category (e.g. miles driven, waste generated, etc.)

1a) Facilitate actions by others by acting as a liaison between citizens and the City government.

2) Update this blog and our Facebook group more often. Include more photos.

3) Reach out to local civic, religious, philanthropic, educational, political, and other groups to formally present Eco-City Alexandria to them and invite their participation.

3a) Encourage key stakeholders in the community groups to become Eco-City Ambassadors.

4) Create a database to track and measure participation in Eco-City activities.

5) Generate publicity in a national publication, like the Washington Post.

Obviously this is still a rough sketch of what we intend to do, but I invite you all to comment liberally. I don’t just want to know what else the EPC should do, but what would motivate activist and regular citizens alike to take up the mantle of civic sustainability.

Maybe Paul Krugman’s article will provide that impetus.

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