Environmental Policy Commission Elections

The EPC held elections on Monday, June 15. Congratulations to Scott Barstow for winning the Chairmanship of the Environmental Policy Commission. Danielle Fidler will continue to serve an officer as the EPC’s Vice-Chair and Jennifer Hovis was re-elected to serve as EPC’s Secretary.

Peter Pennington volunteered to reprise his role as the Chairman of the Earth Day Committee and has also graciously volunteered to continue to serve on the Mirant Community Monitoring Group. Kurt Moser will represent the EPC on the Open Space Committee. Keith Friehofer will sit on the Transportation Commission and attend the Stormwater Working Group. Laura Medhurst, Scott Barstow, Patrick Hagan, and Kurt Moser will serve on the ACPS Advisory Group.

The EPC also voted to create four formal sub-committees on Monday: Benchmarking, Finance, Green Business, and Outreach. The members of the following sub-committees are below; the name of sub-committee chair is indicated by the bold text.

Benchmarking – TBD

Finance – Peter Pennington, Danielle Fidler, Phil Voorhees

Green Business – Laura Medhurst, Jennifer Hovis, Peter Pennington

Outreach – David Boxer, Jessica Bayliss Brown, Scott Barstow, Patrick Hagan

To get in touch with the EPC, email us at ecocityalexandria @ gmail [dot] com.

Last, but certainly not least, the EPC warmly welcomes its newest member Phil Voorhees!

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