Come Show Your Support for the Draft Environmental Action Plan

This Saturday, Alexandria’s City Council will hold a public hearing on the Draft Environmental Action Plan to consider whether to adopt it on June 23, 2009.  The docket item, including the Draft EAP can be found here.

As many of you know, this document is the fruit of the now 2-year old Eco-City Alexandria process that commenced with the Eco-City Charter, adopted by City Council in June 2008, had a mid-point of the Phase I Environmental Action Plan, adopted by Council in January 2009, and culminates the planning process with this Draft EAP, which sets forth goals, strategies, and actions designed to make Alexandria a sustainable city.

This has been a grass-roots effort, and many of our readers have participated in the Spring 2008 Cafe, the May 2008 Eco-City Summit, or our recent EPC Open House where we discussed the Draft EAP.  Citizen involvement has been critical to the support that has now won Alexandria awards and national recognition for these efforts.  The Draft EAP has also come from our valiant and overworked City staff and involves their ideas and suggestions for how to plan even better than we have, reduce more waste than we already do, and be better prepared for the seeming inevitabilities of climate change-related impacts such as increased storm intensity and flooding.

The EPC has and is incredibly grateful to you, the community, to City staff, and to our partners and facilitators at Virginia Tech for helping us put together what we think is a consensus document and a great roadmap for a sustainable future.

But City Council needs to hear not only from us, but from you.  Read the Draft EAP.  Let us, and them, know what you think.  You can send them an email through the City’s website, and/or you can come in person to speak at the  Saturday, June 13, 2009, to City Council’s public hearing (and the June 23, 2009 meeting where it is going up for a vote).  Please voice your support for our efforts to be the best community we can possibly be!

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One Response to Come Show Your Support for the Draft Environmental Action Plan

  1. Jonathan Krall says:

    Dear Mayor and Council,

    I am writing to express support for the Environmental Action Plan, particularly the part of the plan concerning transportation enhancements. The plan call for implementation of the Transportation Master Plan the Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Plan, and for a metro station at Potomac Yards. I believe that these infrastructure improvements could significantly increase economic activity in Alexandria in that they will increase mobility without the negative impacts of increased automotive traffic.

    Thankyou for your attention.

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