Green Schools (and balconies)

Here is a link to more information about ACPS’ efforts to integrate gardening and eco-city principles into their daily lives.

It’s exciting to see so many people get into gardening. I have several plants growing this year, from cilantro, to tomatoes, to (just budding) strawberries on my balcony. I am especially proud of the tomatoes I am growing from seeds I dried out from the Campari tomatoes I bought from Costco. It is taking forever, but progress is being made. Soon I think the seedlings will be mature enough for me to transfer into a bigger pot.

Who else is growing their own food this summer? If so, what are you doing? If not, do you want to?

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One Response to Green Schools (and balconies)

  1. cgcgsh says:

    I’m working to start a community garden on some vacant land our church owns, we hope to plant in the fall, we’ll start fundraising in the next few weeks.

    I’ve got a garden at my house, but we’re not supposed to water edibles with our reclaimed water unless we won’t be eating the skin (no tomatoes, peppers, etc.) I’ve got sunflowers, lavender–my goal is a butterfly garden–on big monarch so far.

    I tried one of the upside-downside tomato plant set ups from Home Depot–the seeds that came with it were worthless, but I used my own plants and I’ve got buds. Had to move it from the porch to the front garden so the bees from the sunflowers will fertilize the tomatoes.

    This weekend I’m building rain barrels, not as hard as you might think.

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