Proposed DASH Service Reductions

Due to the budget crunch, DASH is considering reducing its service on the AT2, AT4, and AT3-4 Loop lines. These proposed reductions will be during the middle of the day and on the weekends. Fortunately, DASH is not planning on cutting any bus lines.

Today there will be public hearing in the Sister Cities Conference Room 1101 in City Hall to discuss the proposed reductions at 5:30 PM. If you have an opinion about – speak up and attend! Click here for more information.

The EPC is planning on attending and will be releasing the following statement:

The EPC notes with regret DASH’s decision to reduce its service on the AT2, 4, and 3-4 loop routes. Reducing public transportation options will negatively impact citizens who depend on this route for their jobs, businesses, and daily life, which could reduce the community’s faith in the City’s bus system and lead to more people choosing single occupancy vehicle use over mass transit. However, the EPC also understands that the City’s and DASH’s current fiscal shortfalls are quite dire and commends DASH for prioritizing efficiency enhancements and minimizing service reductions. The EPC hopes that DASH will continue to explore innovative funding and/or service options by working with its customers and the City government to achieve a mutually beneficial solution.

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