Earth Day Celebration April 25 at Ben Brenman Park

I hope that all of our loyal readers had a wonderful Earth Day. I spent my time with two other members of the EPC putting the finishing touches on the Draft EPC Environmental Action Plan at St. Elmo’s in Del Rey (with bike racks placed conveniently by the pub). The Draft EPC Environmental Action Plan is scheduled to be released on Alexandria’s Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 25 at Ben Brenman Park from 10 AM-2 PM.

It’s going to be great – not only have Apollo and Dionysus interceded to ensure that the weather will be warm, rain-free, and merry, for the duration of the event, but there will be a tree sale, a compost bin sale (only $17!), the presentation of the Ellen Pickering Environmental Excellence Award, a puppet show by Blue Sky Puppet Theater, a performance by Don’t Panic, and lots of good food. You’ll be able to test drive a hydrogen-powered car and view Smart Cars. Best of all, you can learn about how your community is going to do its part to mitigating global climatic change and enhancing our environment and how you can get involved. There will be many fun and educational activities for adults and children alike.

This year’s theme is “alternative transport.” You’re encouraged to get to Ben Brenmen Park by taking the free shuttle from the King Street Metro Station, taking the AT8 toward Landmark/Van Dorn Metro, bike (we’ll have a free bike valet, courtesy of WABA), by foot, or camel (well ok not via camel).

Hope to see you there!

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