Japan Dispatch

Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun (and relatively low environmental footprint)!  Your correspondent is updating from the free Yahoo!  Internet Cafe in Narita International Airport and marveling at the environmental logical steps the Japanese have taken to ensure they live in a clean environment.

When I was in Narita-shi (Narita City) their roads were shockingly small, but they had special lanes for lower emission vehicles, like their version of motos. When I decided to go to the Shington Buddhist temple in Narita-shi, I took a train that entered the airport and utilized a map that listed all walking times between points of interest.

Today when I stopped to eat, I used a curious napkin that I discovered was not made from trees (what a concept!) and looked at the smoking room with its own ventalation system.

Granted Japan is not perfect – they still hunt whales to conduct “scientific research” – right. (And I am the King of England). But they are taking steps that are not simply feel-good hippie environmentalism, but because it actually improves and protects their way of life.

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