CFL Recycling Opportunity

Yesterday EcoCheap reported that the Home Depot (a map of the store in Alexandria can be found here) has an Eco Options Program that allows consumers to recycle their “burned out” CFFs in a plastic bin beside the door. Based on the photo that EcoCheap posted, it looks a lot like the plastic bag program recycling bin that Shopper’s Food Warehouse sponsors. Evidently all you have to put them in a plastic bag first and drop them in and Home Depot takes care of the rest.

Let’s just hope encourage the Home Depot to reuse the plastic bags or dispose of those in an environmentally sustainable method as well.

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2 Responses to CFL Recycling Opportunity

  1. Kevin Beekmam says:

    MOM’s / My Organic Market in Arlandria has been offering the same service for the last couple of years. They also collect used batteries and can provide packing peanuts if you ask. However, you have to ask about the CFL collection because they don’t keep a bin out-they don’t want anyone breathing escaping vapors from broken bulbs.

    Either way, this sort of partnership is important to have in every neighborhood, otherwise we just be trading one type of pollution for another: the city’s hazmat collection is at least a 20 minute round trip for me.

  2. bullmooser08 says:

    Kevin –

    First let me thank you for your excellent comment. I did not know that MOM’s also provide these services. Kudos to you for alerting me, the members of the EPC, and our readers.

    Your point about recreating these types of partnerships and/or exchange programs throughout Alexandria is spot on. Driving 20 minutes to drop off a few CFL bulbs may actually cause more harm than good in terms of the total carbon footprint and pollution generated.

    But until those partnerships develop, I think we should use the resources we do have to maximize the good we can achieve. If one plans out a trip in advance, he can drop off his expired CFLs at Home Depot on his way to a different location. Alternatively, one could always bike/walk/carpool/utilize mass transit to get to the Home Depot (or MOMs for that matter) to dispose of the CFLs until more collection sites are created.

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