Environmental Policy Commission Open House

The City of Alexandria, the Environmental Policy Commission, and Virginia Tech invite the public to attend the Environmental Action Plan Open House. The Commission’s DRAFT Environmental Action Plan Phase I is now available for review.

The DRAFT Environmental Action Plan Phase I includes over 40 goals and over 130 action steps that cover all ten principles of the Eco-City Charter. More than 40% of these proposed actions include existing city programs or activities that will be started during the current fiscal year.

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2 Responses to Environmental Policy Commission Open House

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  2. Samantha Ahdoot says:

    Thank you, EPC, for all the incredibly hard work you’ve done on this! The draft proposal is remarkably comprehensive.

    My main concern is regarding implementation. The draft proposal uses the language of “educate”, “promote” and “encourage”, which is certainly necessary. But I am concerned that the necessary changes can only be brought about through incentives (monetary) and penalties. Americans will not stop driving unless it’s too expensive or difficult. They will not use less electricity unless it costs too much, and they will not make less trash unless they’re fined for not recycling or paid to compost.

    I would submit that the final proposal uses more firm language and less reliance on voluntary participation.

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