The Lord may have rested on Sunday, but Westminder Presbyterian won’t

I recently came across EcoCheap’s weblog. I was particularly impressed with the Green Team EcoCheap’s church, Westminster Presbyterian, started in August 2008. It’s clear that EcoCheap has a holistic understanding of sustainability.

I think everyone should check out EcoCheap’s Green Team entry here to see what the team is proposing, but I’ll highlight some great ideas here: purchasing an energy audi, creating a rain pervious parking lot (when the old one needs to be replaced), and giving up/reducing carbon emissions for Lent.

I think the “carbon fast” idea is particularly innovative and I must tip my hap to The Right Reverends James Jones and Richard Chartres, Bishops of Liverpool and London, respectively, for introducing it to the Anglican Communion in February 2008. If implemented, this idea will not only save energy, it could promote interfaith communication and solidarity too because is also applicable to Jews (Passover and Yom Kippur) and Muslims (Ramadan).

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